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10 favourite chick flicks for a perfect girls night

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http://evolveyou.co/89727-differin-price.html devise Grab your popcorn, a cozy blanket and maybe some hot chocolate and don’t forget to keep your room temperature not so snoozy. Let’s begin.



The Holiday

Mood : Suitable for broken hearts, independent woman, adventurous.

Just when you thought your heart will never be fixed after its been broken, and your whole life won’t make sense even when you are successful at your career and he just won’t get off your mind. You need to breathe and take a break. Who knows you may find your soulmate along the way in your wild decision?

Devil Wears Prada

Mood : Fashionable, empowering, inspiring.

Have you ever felt you don’t belong to a certain profile and everyone around you live in a different world ?. Watch how to sneak yourself in into the beauty and fashion world and get the most out of it in the beautiful Anna Hathaway’s shoes.

Pitch Perfect Series

Mood : Funny, Girl group , musical.

Guaranteed that this movie will take you back to those days where you are on the first day at your university thinking whether or not you will ever make friends or that you will fit in. Jump into this movie to discover how these girls develop their friendship in the most aca-interesting way.

How to lose a guy in 10 days

Mood : Romance, funny and all about love.

Want to know how to fall in love in the most reverse way possible? This is the movie you should watch.

Breakfast at tiffany’s

Mood : Vintage. Jewellery and obviously classy.

Perfect for the ladies who lives alone and believes that nothing is permanent. This movie is a revolution for a reason and we are gonna zip and let you find out on your own about the gorgeous Miss Holly Golightly. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !

Sex and the city

Mood : Lifestyle, Fashion and girls squad.

New Yorker, living her best life with her three best friends who would stand up with her in any situation. Fashion, shopping, magazines and boys plus all the glam you would expect in a chick flick perfected in this movie for you.

Legally blonde

Mood : Inspiring, Break up, Empowering.

A real life barbie goes to law school and changes the game that sexy is the new nerdy and wins hearts and love and free mani, pedi for life. Recommended to watch for motivation in life and surprisingly in college too.

Freaky friday

Mood : 2000s, Mother-daughter sentiment and some magic.

You cannot have Lindsay Lohan in a chick flick movie and expect to be disappointed. Lots of nostalgic family moments and humour. This movie makes you fall in love with 2000s all over again.

Practical magic

Mood : Magic, sisterhood and family

This movie beautifully shows the relationship of two sisters and how far they would go to show their love for each other. Potraits the importance of family with the little bi.. no no with a lot of magic and witchcraft. My personal favourite.

John tucker must die

Mood: Sleepovers, High school drama and friendship.

Men think they can get away with stealing not one but a bunch of girl’s heart. well then they got another thing coming and it sure gonna hurt as hell. Watch to find out if John tucker got what he deserved.

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